About Us

Libanvet is a dynamic and pioneering organization headquartered in Zahle Lebanon. Founded by the visionary Dr. Jamal Khazaal in 1986, Libanvet has grown to become a leading force in the veterinary industry, passionately committed to the health and well-being of both animals and humans.


From its humble origin as a pharmacy, Libanvet has emerged as a trailblazing corporation with a workforce of over 65 dedicated professionals. With an unwavering belief in the indispensability of veterinary care, Libanvet strives to connect customers with the world’s most prestigious brands in the industry. Through our consultancy services, we guide clients towards modern techniques and foster invaluable networking opportunities.


Join us on our mission to revolutionize veterinary care, as we continue to forge ahead, bringing innovation, compassion, and excellence to the forefront of our industry. At Libanvet, we are dedicated to creating a world where animals thrive and where their health contributes to the betterment of humanity.


Libanvet strives to empower and revolutionize the pet care, poultry, ruminant, and smart farming industries by offering exceptional quality products, comprehensive guidance, and inventive solutions. Our aim is to generate economic opportunities and promote animal welfare, while optimizing productivity in poultry farming, enhancing livestock management for ruminants, and facilitating the implementation of smart farming technologies. Our collective efforts are directed towards creating a future where animals thrive, and their supporting industries are sustainable and efficient.


As a global leader in the veterinary sector, Libanvet aspires to advance animal care, inspire innovation, and uplift farmers and pet owners everywhere. We work to create a future where farmers prosper via sustainable practices, pet owners have access to first-rate care, and animals are given top priority. We envisage a world where the relationship between humans and animals is reinforced and where our joint efforts contribute to a healthier and more compassionate society through our steadfast commitment to excellence, collaboration, and cutting-edge technologies.



We support practices and equipment that will sustain prosperous farm businesses
now and in the future.
As a community of farmers and experts, we support: Sustainable Farming Practices. As caretakers of the resourceful lands we live on, we must be conscientious and mindful of environmental hazards. We encourage farming practices that sustain healthy food, water, and air, and that will protect our climate for the next generation of individuals.
Mindful Labor Practices. Farming is a deeply satisfying and joyful work that should allow each farmer to fully utilize his or her innate talents and abilities. Farmers should be part of a community working toward the common goal of sustainable farming for the future.